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My "Acting Career" I guess started the 1st time I set foot on stage as a drummer, which was at around the age of 10, playing a couple of numbers in my older brother's band.


Any form of entertainment is to some degree, acting and I believe my early start as a performer set me up for future modelling and acting.


My first real "acting", apart from the obvious Plays at Secondary School, was working as an International Model in Singapore in the early 1980's. This period of my performing life included Television Commercials, Magazine Fashion Shoots, Newspaper Advertisements, Touring Fashion and Dance Shows and Catwalk Shows for French and other International Fashion Houses. 

During this period I also gained qualifications through IMP International Modelling School.


My acting career was put on hold for quite some time as I pursued my Business Career but music was always there and throughout my life I have played continually in many bands but more about that to the right of this page.


In the early 2000's I took up acting again and gained extras parts in many Australian Television shows and a Cast part in "Underbelly - The Man Who Got Away". I have appeared in Australian Television Commercials and during a 2 year stint working in Vietnam I appeared in Television Commercials, a Television War Series, had a Major French Speaking Role in a War Movie and appeared in various Tourism Videos. I retired from Acting in 2021.


My Television Acting parts include:

  • Duong Len Dien Bien (Vietnam)

  • Underbelly - The Man Who Got Away

  • Australia on Trial - The Mt Rennie Outrage

  • House Husbands

  • Neighbours

  • The Librarians

  • Killing Time

  • Satisfaction

  • Rush

  • City Homicide

  • Winners and Losers

  • The Slap

  • Howzat

  • Mrs Biggs

  • Wentworth

  • Hamish and Andy


My Television Movie Parts include:

  • The Cup

  • Hawk

  • The Mule

  • Never Tear Us Apart


My Big Screen Movies include:

  • The Prophet (Nha Tien Tri) (Vietnam) (Cast)

  • Killer Elite (Extra)

  • Whistleblower (Extra)


My Television Commercials include:

  • Coles Down Down Series

  • Target

  • Telstra

  • Rockmen Vodka (Vietnam)

  • AGL

  • Seek

  • AFL

  • Drummond Golf

  • Don Smallgoods

My Corporate Videos include:

  • Technology One

  • Willis Towers Watson 


My "Music Career" started at a very early age when my older brother started teaching me to play Drums at around 3 years old. My entire family were musicians, Dad a Cellist, Mum a Violinist, brother Terry a Drummer and sisters Jocelyn and Libby, Piano and Guitar.


My first real band was "Lying Knight" a school garage band that played all the school dances etc. 

I have never stopped playing since then.


Bands I have played in, include:


  • Lizard

  • Blue Tongue

  • Cry Wolf

  • Faultline

  • Terraplane

  • Gerda Street Groove

  • The Sociables

  • The Cuban Heelers

  • The Heelers

  • Terry and The Allstars

  • Terry and Mike

  • Phillip and Mike

  • Cam and Mike (Vietnam)

  • The Electric Yard Dogs (Vietnam)

  • Evil Priestly (Vietnam)

  • Joanna (Vietnam)

  • The Hepcats (Vietnam)

  • Brendan and Mike (Vietnam)

  • The Old Boys Blues Band (Vietnam)

  • The Journeymen


I am also a trained Vocalist, and can sing Blues, Rock and Pop.


My Current Bands:


  • The Urban Souls

This is a classy rock band made up of very talented musicians. ​We cover numbers from Little River Band, Steely Dan, Little Feat, Doobie Brothers, Jigsaw, Atlanta Rythm Section, Joe Cocker, Mick Abrahams, Eagles and Beach Boys. 

Neil Carrol - Guitar and Vocals

Phillip Vasialades - Bass and Vocals

Ian Noble - Hammond, Leslie and Vocals

Mike Buscombe - Drums and Vocals


  • The Heelers

A Band that takes the Blues very seriously, placing our own stamp on classic old Blues tunes.

Terry Hogan - Vocals and Harp

Xavier Hogan - Guitar

Paul Comer - Bass

Mike Buscombe - Drums and Vocals

  • Terry and Mike

A Duo with Terry Hogan on Guitar and Vocals and me on Cajon, Stompbox and Vocals.

  • ​Phillip and Mike 

A Duo with Phillip on Guitar and Vocals and me on Cajon, Stompbox and Vocals.

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