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"Aussie Kicker" Stomp Box

This Stomp Box is made with 19mm Aussie Pine sides and strike plate, Aussie Ply front and back and an MDF base. You will not put your foot through the strike plate of this Kicker. It is fitted with 3 internally mounted Piezo microphones that simply plug into a PA Sytem or an Acoustic Amplifier using a standard guitar cable. (Not included). The PA option is best giving more tone adjustment. The base is fitted with a layer of high density foam which prevents slipping. The Aussie Kicker can be played with the ball of your foot or turn it around and use your heel. Hard soled shoes / boots are recommended for the best sound.

Available in a Raw finish at A$69 

Available in Gloss Colour or Stained at $79

Demonstration of playing Stomp Box with Cajon

Demonstration of playing Stomp Box through a Behringer Grapic Equalizer Pedal

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