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Custom Made Cajons Now Available
Full Size Cajons

Made from 19mm Premium Australian Dressed Pine, these Cajons from  "Custom Cajons by MB Percussion" produce an amazing sound. The adjustable dual snare wires resting on the front 3 ply Australian Pine Sound Board, produce a great resonant sound.

What makes these Cajons so unique?

  • Unlike others made entirely of plywood - MB Percussion uses solid Australian Premium dressed pine. It looks better and is stronger.

  • Most Cajons have a single or dual snare wire resting permanently on the front sound board - MB Percussion use dual snare wires and an adjustable sliding mechanism. This allows the Cajon to be "tuned"  to the amount of snare resonance that is required.

  • Most Cajons have the front sound board permanently adhered to the shell - MB Percussion use 14 Brass Cabinet Screws to affix the front sound board. This enables the user to replace the front sound board should it be damaged by your Bass player ramming his guitar through it in the back of the bus or punctured by an over zealous punter deciding to use a heavy rock drum stick on it! It also allows for the snare wires to be adjusted or replaced as required without extensive work.

  • The price! An imported Spanish Cajon cost me A$550.00 in 2015 and an imported Brand name Cajon can cost up to A$900.00. A Cajon from MB Percussion starts at only A$229

  • An optional extra is a 12mm EVA Black Foam Pad on the top to stop "Numb Bum" A$15.00

  • Have a look / listen to the demonstration videos below. I have played a few Cajons in my time and I reckon mine sound better than the expensive ones !!

      You can place your order or enquiry by clicking on the contact link at the top of this page. All prices       are ex Donvale (Melbourne) workshop. Will ship anywhere in the world at Purchaser's cost.

The Raw Aussie

Smooth Sanded Raw Pine finish with Raw Front Sound Board - A$229

The Smooth Aussie

Clear Satin Urethane coated top, sides, base and rear with Raw Front Sound Board - A$249

The Smoother Aussie

Clear Satin Urethane coated top, sides, base and rear with Baltic Pine stained Front Sound Board - $259

The Smoother Aussie

Clear Satin Urethane coated top, sides, base and rear with Western red Cedar 

stained Front Sound Board - $259

The Colourful Aussie

Gloss painted finish in the colour of your choice with Raw Front Sound Board - A$249

Gloss painted finish in the colour of your choice with Stained Front Sound Board - A$259

The plywood sound board can be left the natural colour or stained for an additional A$10

  • Baltic Pine        

  • Western Cedar

  • Jarrah

  • Merbau

Demonstration of playing a cajon with hands

Demonstration of playing a cajon with nylon brushes

Demonstration of playing a cajon with hotrods

The Busker Cajon

This Cajon was designed in consultation with one of my customers, Robert. He purchased a Baby Travel Cajon and wanted me to build him a Busking Cajon that he could comfortably wear around his neck whilst walking through a restaurant playing to the patrons.  This Cajon is made of 1 cm plywood to reduce the weight around the neck. 

It has a 3 ply Pine Soundboard on the right side with snares to produce a snare drum sound. 

The left side is another 3 ply soundboard without snares to give a "bass drum" tone with the left hand. (Simply reverse it for left handed percussionists) 

Even though this Cajon is not designed to sit on, it comes with rubber feet so that when you place it down, the base is not damaged. 

The "sound" hole is on the bottom so that the sound is projected out away from the Cajon. 

Both Soundboards are affixed using brass cabinet screws for easy removal and replacement should this ever be required. 

This Cajon comes with a Guitar Strap and lock in lugs to ensure it does not fall from your neck / shoulders once you commence playing. 

I carry one in stock but will make one to your requirements usually within 7 days of order                                                                                                                                                      A$199.00

Demonstration of playing a Busking Cajon

Travel Cajon

Travel Baby

Made from 1 cm thick Quality Plywood for lower weight, the Travel Baby has dual fixed snares that resonate against the Australian Pine Plywood soundboard. Inside are 3 Piezo Microphones connected to a standard guitar jack input. It can be plugged into a P A System, an Acoustic Guitar Amplifier or used without amplification. The body is primed and top coated with 3 coats of Matt Black. 

Each Cajon is made by hand and so dimensions and weight can vary ever so slightly but this Baby usually weighs only 925 Grams and measures 25 cm x 25 cm x 7.5 cm. The Travel Baby is the perfect Travelling companion for the Percussionist on the move. Carry it on board the plane, put it in your suitcase or place it on the rear seat of your car!                                                                                                              $69.00

Demonstration of playing a Baby Cajon without amplification

Demonstration of playing a Baby Cajon using the 3 internal Piezo Microphones

Demonstration of playing a Baby Cajon using an SM58 External Microphone

All Demonstration Videos were recorded and editted by Kris Buscombe
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