The Urban Souls
Chained To The Wheel
The Journeymen
The Royal Oak 8 March 2020
The Journeymen Compilation  
Paddys Tavern 28 Dec 2018
Willis Towers Watson
Retirement Video
"University Lecturer" in Technology One Corporation's Promotional Video
My Death Scene in Episode 26 of Vietnam TV Series
"Duong Den Lien Bien"
Surveillance Detective in Underbelly Telemovie
"The Man Who Got Away"
Barrister Gibson in TV Series "Australia On Trial 
The Mount Rennie Outrage"
Episode 1 of Vietnam TV Series "Duong Den Lien Bien"
"Rock Me Baby"
 The Cuban Heelers
"Itchycoo Park"
The Journeymen
"Route 66" 
The Journeymen
The Journeymen
Home On A Monday
Music Video for East Brunswick All Girls Choir - Band
Drummond Golf Television Commercial with Brett Ogle
"Aussie Beef and Foil Man"
in Coles Down Down TV Commercial
Angry Dad in "Joanna"
"Rockmen 2 Vodka"
TV Commercial in Vietnam
Excerpt from 2017 "Don Smallgoods" Television Commercial
Detective Wozza in Telemovie "Dangerous Remedy"
"Further On Up The Road"
 The Cuban Heelers
"Goin' Down"
The Cuban Heelers
"Sail On Sailor" 
The Journeymen
"The Real Thing" 
The Journeymen